From Ginseng to Mushrooms: Goodies from Your Woods Webinar with Jeanine Davis

Forest landowners often want to make some profit from their land, if only to pay the property taxes. Other than cutting timber, which can only be done so often, how can you generate income from your woods? In North America, our forests are often populated with a wide variety of valuable native plants and fungi that can be sustainably wild-harvested and sold. Many others can be introduced and cultivated to provide a steady stream of products to harvest for many years to come. There is a long history of growing shade-loving native medicinal herbs such as ginseng, goldenseal, and black cohash. The recent consumer interest in wild foods, such as ramps, fiddlehead ferns, creasy greens, oyster mushrooms, and nuts, provide another opportunity for generating income from your woods. This webinar will introduce you to a wide array of plants and fungi you can cultivate and wild-harvest for fun or profit on even a small wooded lot.