Seasonal Greening in U.S. Forests, Fields, and Urban Areas

Using the assessment tool ForWarn, land managers can monitor the growth and development of vegetation that signals winter’s end and the awakening of a new growing season. Researchers have devised a way to more precisely characterize the beginning of seasonal greening, or “greenup,” and compare its timing with that of the 14 previous years. Such information helps land managers anticipate and plan for the impacts of disturbances such as weather events and insect pests.

Three maps detailing greenup in …

Pests Affecting Shiitake Mushrooms


Pests Affecting Shiitake Mushrooms

Greg Frey- Virginia State University


There are some pests that are often noticed in association with shiitake mushroom production.  Fortunately, there are not a large number of pests that cause serious problems.  The principle problem with shiitake may be from other fungi that affect the log and shiitake mycelia.  Because the fruiting bodies grow quickly on the log and should be harvested quickly before the mushroom caps get flattened out, there is not usually a lot …